Sacramento Truck Accident Attorneys

Sacramento Truck Accident Attorneys

The experienced Sacramento Truck Accident Attorneys at Eason & Tambornini are very familiar with the complexities of truck accident lawsuits, and the serious injuries suffered by its victims. Becoming a licensed Class A truck driver in California requires no formal training! To make matters worse, budget cutbacks have drastically reduced government supervision of truck drivers, leaving drivers with very little oversight.

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To put the significance of the impact of a truck accident into perspective, a typical four-door family car weighs approximately 6,000 pounds. In contrast, a loaded semi-truck is permitted to weigh up to 80,000 pounds in California. That is a ratio of over 1:13; or as the personal injury attorneys at Eason & Tambornini like to point out, that is approximately the same differential as an NFL defensive back (205 lbs.) and a six-month-old child (15 lbs.).

Just like medical malpractice claims against physicians and construction accidents often result from being over-worked, the economic demands placed on truck drivers by their employers is resulting in many truck drivers pushing the limits of the law. This stresses on the truck drivers are causing car accidents, motorcycle accidents, brain injury, spinal cord injury, and wrongful death claims to continue occurring. While the law regulates the number of hours that a truck driver may drive, the law does not regulate the distance that a truck driver may travel. Given the fact that most truck drivers are paid by the mile, and not the hour, there is an obvious incentive for truck drivers to drive faster than the posted speed limit, as well as faster than safe for the driving conditions. These incentives lead to higher truck accident rates.

In addition to violation of speed laws, truck accidents are routinely caused by over-tired drivers who have driven long hours. Likewise, despite very strict laws on truck maintenance, including braking systems, accidents are regularly the result of failure to maintain the truck properly.

Besides direct collisions with trucks, there is an increase in number of accidents caused in the summer months by what have become known as “gators”. Gators are the left over pieces of blown truck or tractor-trailer tires.   Because of their size, these gators create an obvious hazard for motorcycle riders.   Additionally, many car drivers are seeing the gators and overreacting: acting different than a reasonable driver should under the same conditions.  In overreacting, they are causing collisions, and as a result the car drivers are also liable for injuries caused to others.

Besides “gators” leading to accidents, we all too often see trucks that have not property covered or secured their load. These loads can be something as small as a ladder, to more significant cargo.   Either way, these items dropped onto the roadways cause a threat to the safety of drivers and increase collisions.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, or truck related accident, it is very important that you retain an attorney familiar with the trucking laws and regulations. The Sacramento Truck Accident Attorneys at Eason & Tambornini offer free consultations, and would be happy to discuss your case in depth with you.

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