How to Choose from a Panel QME (Qualified Medical Evaluator)

How to Choose from a Panel QME?

As workers’ compensation attorneys, we are often asked how to select the right physician from a Panel QME (Qualified Medical Evaluator) List. This is an important question that takes considerable thought and should not be taken lightly.

choose panel qme qualified medical evaluatorThe physician you choose is likely the person who will make many important medical decisions involving your health.  They will initially decide whether you need medical treatment (both present and future), whether you have a permanent lifelong injury/disability, and to what extent you are disabled. While you may have an opportunity to dispute some decisions or defer them to a workers’ compensation judge, ultimately, the original decision of the Panel QME will influence the final outcome.

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The number one mistake injured workers make when choosing from the list is choosing a doctor based on their immediate availability or one they believe will expedite the case. A physician with an open calendar may see a patient sooner, but, as the old adage goes: If you want someone good, find someone busy. Good physicians and good QME’s are typically busy. Don’t make your decision based solely on a QME’s availability. Waiting a bit longer for an appointment with a reputable, reliable, and well-liked QME is worth the wait.

Likewise, be careful not to hire a Panel QME physician just because their office seems to provide good customer service. An inviting demeanor and quality customer service does not necessarily mean they are a good QME. Look for a physician who spends time with you, your medical records, and revisits your records again to better understand your case. Find a QME who is regularly used and seen within the Workers’ Compensation system. They will understand and know how to write a meaningful report for the workers’ compensation judge.

If you have been provided a panel of QMEs from one of the following categories, please check out the links below. We’ve compiled a “customer satisfaction” database based on our clients’ personal experiences. This report is fair and unbiased and will allow you to see the opinions, thoughts, and experiences of prior clients. You also have the opportunity to leave your own feedback.

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