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brain injury attorney 5.7 millionconstruction accident attorney 1.25 milliondog bite attorney 3 hundred thousandmotorcycle accident attorney 1 milliontruck accident attorney 3 millionvehicle accident attorney 1.5 millionspinal cord injury attorney 6.2 million

Guaranty: We win, or you don’t pay us a fee!


brain injury attorney 5.7 million
construction accident attorney 1.25 million
dog bite attorney 3 hundred thousand
motorcycle accident attorney 1 million
truck accident attorney 3 million
vehicle accident attorney 1.5 million
spinal cord injury attorney 6.2 million

Guaranty: We win, or you don’t pay us a fee!

Personal Injury Attorneys

Why Choose Us?

Choosing the right personal injury attorney is important. It’s imperative you hire a personal injury attorney who will not only assist you with receiving fair and just compensation for your injuries, but will help protect your financial future. It is critical you choose an attorney who has a long-standing history of proving fault, is respected by his or her peers, is highly recommended by clients, and connects with you on a personal level. Whether you were involved in a rear-end car accident, hit while riding your motorcycle, involved in a catastrophic truck accident, suffered a dog bite, or were injured in a construction accident while on a job site, our attorneys can help. Let us illustrate why we are the best attorneys for your personal injury case.

Comprehensive Experience – Highest Peer Rating – Outstanding Testimonials

I had an injury at work and later a car accident that made things worse and Kyle and Seth took the ball and ran with it. They did an amazing job dealing with the insurance companies.


It was a stressful situation for us, but Matthew was easy to talk to and very quick to respond.


Eason and Tambornini has been in my corner through very unfortunate events that they took care of and despite their hard work, made to look effortless.


Our Personal Injury Attorneys: Experienced Trial Lawyers

Experience plays a huge roll when it comes to advocating for your rights.

Our senior trial lawyers have been practicing personal injury law for more than 25 years. Collectively, the firm has almost 100 years of experience counseling accident victims. Our lifework is helping injured parties recover damages and plan for their future.

Our practice has collected millions of dollars for our clients in various matters via jury trials, court trials, administrative hearings, binding arbitration, meditations, and settlements prior to litigation. We have extensive knowledge of the proper procedures to ensure your case gets handled efficiently and timely.

Before realizing their true calling to represent injury victims, our trial attorneys worked for insurance companies and corporations, defending against victims. Although somewhat unpleasant, that experience proved to be particularly valuable. It provided our personal injury lawyers with inside knowledge and understanding of the defense tactics used by the insurance industry. Now, we are well equipped to defeat those tactics and help victims with complex cases.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys: Highly Respected by Peers and Court

In a saturated field, peer reviews fill the gap between competent experience and client satisfaction to distinguish the best from the rest.

Our award-winning attorneys hold the highest ranks in the personal injury field and we’ve maintained an outstanding reputation among the most respected peer review networks. It is no surprise that Eason & Tambornini attorneys are frequently selected by the Sacramento Superior Court to serve as temporary judicial officers in order to help resolve complex personal injury issues.

Our senior personal injury attorneys have the highest rankings available from Martindale-Hubbell: AV Preeminent. To obtain this ranking, our personal injury attorneys were graded by other lawyers and judges based on legal knowledge and familiarly with the laws, analytical capabilities, judgment, ability to effectively communicate, and overall legal experience.

In addition to being recognized by our colleagues as some of the best personal injury experts, our senior attorneys are honored to be regularly contacted by the Sacramento County Superior Court’s judicial staff and appointed to serve as Judge Pro Tem. In the role of Judge Pro Tem, we utilize our experience and knowledge to help other personal injury attorneys resolve their cases after their previous efforts failed. Our success in helping other lawyers in the personal injury field resolve cases makes us particularly proud.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys: Exceptionally Reviewed by Past Clients

It’s important to hire a personal injury attorney who brings you peace of mind and confidence in settling your personal injury case. In choosing an injury lawyer that you can trust, make sure you choose one who is highly recommended by current and past clients. While experience demonstrates likely knowledge and peer recognition establishes competence, nothing is more credible than the approval of an actual client who has been in situations similar to yours.

Review sites such as Yelp and Google Reviews are no longer just for restaurants. External review sites can help narrow your search for the best personal injury attorneys in your local area. They provide insight on people’s experiences with the law firm as a whole.

At Eason & Tambornini, our attorneys work hard to satisfy current and potential clients, maximizing their rights under the law. We realize that our clients’ situations can be unpleasant, but we strive to serve you in the best way possible. Our reviews on Yelp, Google, the Better Business Bureau, and Facebook highlight the qualities that make us successful attorneys and attest to the care we put into our personal injury cases.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys: Personal

Personal connection is a significant factor when choosing the best attorney for legal support after an injury. This one is hard to assess until you actually talk to an attorney. The best personal injury attorneys practice law with the primary goal of helping people in mind. Once you’ve made a personal connection with one of our attorneys, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place. During your initial conversation with one of our attorneys, you will be able to ask blunt questions and receive an honest case evaluation. Our lawyers do not take your case unless they believe their legal counseling will leave you in an advantageous position. Our attorneys build personal relationships with clients by guiding them through the grief of medical bills, lost wages, and any other related damages. Your relationship with an Eason & Tambornini attorney starts when you give us a call.

Among thousands of lawyers, we set the bar higher.

Over the years, our growth as a personal injury law firm has been based on experience, peer recognition, client reviews, and honorable relationships, not large advertising campaigns. Collectively, the firm has almost 100 years of experience counseling accident victims. Our peers have given us some of the highest ratings attainable and our excellence as personal injury lawyers has been recognized by the court. We consistently receive superior reviews from our clients, but building wholesome relationships with the mission of helping injured people is what gets us out of bed each day. We are proud to call ourselves Eason & Tambornini.

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